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Company Profile

KOKOKID Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd is a outdoor playground equipment

 manufacturers, specializing in designing and producing outdoor swing, outdoor slide, 

seesaw,outdoor playground equipment, fitness equipment, indoor playground, 

nursery furniture,leisure chairs , plastic toys. And so on.

Play is instinctively human. When we’re children, play is how we have fun, learn,

socialize and are physically active. As we get older, it’s really the same—play

is key to a long and happy life.
Our intentions are simple—childlike, you might say—but that's the point. Play is

one of our most basic human needs, and as we get older, one of our most forgotten. 

But we've never lost sight of the value of play . . . and we never will.

Our products widely cover different series, such as indoor and outdoor playground equipment,

entertainment equipment for theme park, commercial children parks,educational toys for kindergartens.

Our design team continually advances the concept of play through unique designs,

 including traditional post and platform playgrounds, deckless, continuous-play structures, 

as well as nature inspired playgrounds.
We have an appropriate play solution for a full spectrum of needs and aesthetics, 

including parks, schools, early childhood centers, churches, and community centers. 

Whether your project calls for a traditional playground or creatively themed play, 

the variety of styles and materials offered allows you to choose the perfect playground

 to complement your vision.
We're not just in the business of making playground equipment. We're in the kid-empowering, 

confidence-building, health-promoting, community-strengthening business—the business 

of saving play.
Today, digital technologies change the way we live our lives. This includes the why, 

how and where we play and are physically active as individuals, families, and communities. 

We take responsibility for driving this change, as we have historically—to continuously lead the 

industry and reinvent play for everyone’s benefit

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