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                                         MATERIAL COMMENT

1.    POLE  MATERIAL: Ф127mm(5.0”),ply of114(4.5”)89mm(3.5”) international-standard

hot-galvanized,with rust removing technique after machining completely.

EXTERIOR TREATMENTPolyester systembaking varnish with rosin under high temperaturesmooth surfacefastness ultraviolet –resistance.


2.    DECK/stair  MATERIAL:  1220122080mm1165116580mm.Ply of 2.0mm and 2.5mmHigh strength cold rolling steel board,expert technique to make Wavelet surface,good capability of safety and anti-skid.The thickness of PVC is 4-5mm

EXTERIOR TREATMENT:A.cover with anti-skid polymer B.baking varnish with rosin power.


3.    FITTING MATERIAL: ExternalФ28/32/38/60/89,ply of 2.0-2.5mm,hot-galanized pipe

EXTERIOR TREATMENT: rPolyestestytem baking varnish with rosin power.

4.    PLASTIC MATERIAL:Imported colorful LLDEP plastic,slides of ply:10mm,,other plastic parts of ply:5mm.Ultraviolet-resistant and static resistant Chemicals added in LLDPE. Fastness high-strength smooth surface,and good capability of safety and environment-protection


5.    POLE TOP MATARIAAluminum alloy.

EXTERIOR TREATMENT Polymeter stystembaking varnish with rosin

6.    METALS  MATERIAL:  Flat stainless screw,T-screw

EXTERIOR TREATMENT:Polish with machine

7.    FASTENER MATERIAL:connect with stainless screw,,to use rubber between the fastener and pole or fasten spiral shell to guaranty the safety.

8.    WOOD  MATERIAL: Africa Rose Wood, Ф100cm

9.    CANVAS  MATERIAL:  Imported PVC cloth.45mm.55mm


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