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KOKOKID's  product "outdoor playground structureis one of representative works of kokokid brand which is outdoor equipment combined whith slides, climbers,stairs,and platforms. It has following characteristic:unique design,consummate structure appropriate,brightly colored and syncretism natural and properly. It is an indispensable and perfect amusement utility for community,park,holiday, village and kindergarten etc. Its also the best thraining place to improve childrens ideation, combination ability and sociability.

 Oudtdoor Multi Play
The children can live their parts when playing toys. In the process of growth, the purposeful amusements can be helpful to children’s growth and intelligent development. In this way, the children can learn more innovative knowledge when playing toys.
The outdoor playground not only sent children happy hour but also stimulate children’s imagine. The whole course can established the confidence, Encourage and enthusiastic to children.
Outdoor Exploring Equipment
Six Principles For Design 
1.Accessible 2.Multifunctional 
3.360 design (play from all sides)
4.Equipped with diverse play opportunities 5.Clear in color and design 
6.Provided with special solutions for special needs
Water Outdoor Playground
Sliding out of Spring, Swinging into Summer!Bring happiness and refreshing to your children. We offers a variety of water management solutions to meet the unique needs of every project.
Non-Standard Playground Equipment

According to customer requirements
According to the age,buget and location,etc.,provides the omni-directional project. Without changing the basic assembly method,using the replacement of part or adding parts, according to the design of the individual and installation sapce to assemble the amusement facilities.

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